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Who are Lindsey's *real* #1 Fans?

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Who are Lindsey's *real* #1 Fans? Empty Who are Lindsey's *real* #1 Fans?

Post by hobbes on Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:52 am

Gee, this sub-forum is dying on the vine. Only two posts in October so far in a section devoted to our favorite protagonist?! What gives?

I know we have some seasoned Stirlingites in our midst. So let's play a trivia game to see if we can identify Lindsey's real #1 Fans, as opposed that ditsy girl in the recent video posted on the Lindseytime channel. Wink (I don't think she's a member here anyway.)

Here's how it works: I'll throw out a trivia question about Lindsey in an attempt to stump the rest of you forum members and if you know the answer, you get to choose the next question. For example, if I asked "What is Lindsey's favorite color?", you'd reply "Orange", and then you get to select the next question, which you'd include with your reply, to keep things going. When someone asks a question no one else can answer, they win the kudos and accolades of the group. The questions may get tougher as we go along, but at least to start out, let's see how long we can keep juggling this ball.

A couple ground rules: You must know the answer to any question you ask. The trivia questions have to be something we fans should be able to discover. (If you're a personal friend, don't pose a question about something private that no one else would know, but then, if you're a friend, you wouldn't do that to Lindsey anyway, would you?) And obviously, the questions have to pertain to Lindsey, her family, career, etc., in some shape or form. If you can do so, please provide a cite, but if you just know the answer, that's OK, too. All questions not received by the due date will be discarded. Not responsible for lost or stolen questions. If there is a disagreement, the decision of the judges will be final! (Etc, etc, etc.)

So, let's get going. I'll start off with an easy first question: Who was Lindsey's first violin teacher? Ding! It's your turn.

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