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The Language Topic

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The Language Topic Empty The Language Topic

Post by fabrizio.silveri.3 on Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:26 am

I noticed in the forum that this subject is quite a interesting one, so let's open a new thread, or we'll miss the post very soon!
This is the link to the original post:
So, start saying what you think about your language, English language, and how much effort you need to made yourself understood by other Stirlingites!


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The Language Topic Empty Re: The Language Topic

Post by Papemontana on Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:46 am

First, I love the fact that there are so much different language from everywhere, and that we are together to support Lindsey ^^
Then, about the french, I know that it has the reputation to be dificult to learn (This is what i always heard by my English teachers when some people said that English was hard to learn Very Happy ), but I think it's a very beautiful language ^^
Moreover, I have some notions in spanish (but I never been very good on it, and it's more awkward, because my father is spanish), and I would like to learn a little Italian Very Happy
And finally, about English, I can understand most of the language, but I always have to think few time before posting something. But as I said on the first post, the group permits me to improve my English, and it's very positive ^^

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The Language Topic Empty Re: The Language Topic

Post by fabrizio.silveri.3 on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:43 am

Oh, that's for sure.
The group's helping me a lot with my English!
I've been learning it for almost all my life, I started when I was 4, but you always have to practice!
For the other languages, I understand a bit Spanish and French, in particular when written, because most words are pretty similar to Italian, and I've studied Spanish for a couple of years, even though I've never been that good...

And last week I've started learning German, which is.... terribly difficult, both to read and to speak!
I hope I can undestand it, one day!


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The Language Topic Empty Re: The Language Topic

Post by Bladewing on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:51 am

*good idea to continue this topic here*

What do I think about the german language? I think I wrote many facts on facebook but repeating won´t kill me.
1. It´s very hard to learn German, if it´s not your mother langauge.
2. You can build such confusing sentences just by placing commas.
3. I don´t really like it because it often doesn´t sound like what I want to explain.

I like English so much, if I could, I would change it to my mother language and stay talking english for the rest of my life. I´m also able to imagine, to move to America or Canada for a longer time. Related to my third point about German, I think english pronounciation accent sounds like what you say. It´s hard to explain, what I mean but for example, some poetic phrases sound well in english and if I translate them to german, they sound terrible. Once, during the last weeks, before I went to bed I wrote "Let music guide your dreams" or "Might music guide your dreams". If I translate it to german I don´t like this phrases. Of course they sound okay but... it´s not the way I´d comment in german.

Oh, the last question is a quiet good one. I guess, I spend about one hour almost every day on dict.leo.org while searching for words I´d use at any comment for the Lindsey Stirling fangroup. For me it´s important to choose the right words, the correct grammar form and all the other things because: if I would work and have to write letter to an other company in english, I have to use the correct spelling, words and forms. And as long as English is a native language for me, I´ll do some mistakes which any employer in Germany wouldn´t ignore. So I think it´s a good chance to improve my skill.

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The Language Topic Empty Re: The Language Topic

Post by Pierre Kite Robert on Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:25 pm

French really is a beautiful language that allows to express very clearly but it is also a very difficult language to learn Smile
Being Belgian and having studied French, Dutch, German and I can say that French is my favorite language although English is a beautiful language
Pierre Kite Robert
Pierre Kite Robert

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The Language Topic Empty Re: The Language Topic

Post by Sponsored content

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