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Situation in Northern Ireland

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Situation in Northern Ireland

Post by Robbie Calvert on Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:28 pm

again oops lol. so here is an extract from a local news paper that might explain more.

The trouble started when Sinn Fein, who take every opportunity to chip away at the visible symbols of Britishness, triggered a vote to have the Union flag removed from Belfast City Council’s offices. The Alliance Party, the well-meaning anti-sectarian centrists who hold the balance of power, pushed through a compromise that allowed the flag to be flown on designated days. Members of the Unionist parties, who see Alliance as an electoral threat, promptly disseminated leaflets accusing it of treachery – and tut-tutted when mobs began attacking its offices, threatening its representatives and pelting the police with any missiles to hand.

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