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Peaceful Philosophical Discussions for Truth-Seekers

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Peaceful Philosophical Discussions for Truth-Seekers Empty Peaceful Philosophical Discussions for Truth-Seekers

Post by ejsacasa on Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:23 am

Hi guys,
I know this is a very random topic, and not very Lindsey-related, but I've seen quite a few philosophical arguments, and I want to be able to have peaceful discussions with people without spamming Lindsey's channel. People of INTP personalities are especially welcome, but I want everyone's ideas. I prefer having these discussion with Lindsey fans because they generally tend to be more reasonable people and don't get all heated up. Nevertheless I ask that you read the following:

I wish to share a very important opinion for me with you guys that, though very random in most people’s eyes, I feel quite compelled to share with you all. It is this; while searching in the internet “Why do people hate Catholics?” I realized how incredibly unfounded many of people’s accusations were. I have studied my religion quite in depth, and many “facts” were simply inaccurate (sometimes this is due to people not really knowing who true Catholics are; for example, a “Catholic” person who is pro-abortion is not following the teachings of the church and is therefore not being a Catholic in that aspect of his life). But in seeing this I began realizing how I myself have made accusations against other religions without studying in depth that religion’s teachings.
So my point is this, many of us seem to have this defensive instinct built into our nature by which we sometimes deny reason so as to defend what we have established as being “my religion”. We should instead be thinking of the term “everyone’s” religion. There can only be one truth, even though I personally believe we can never be 100% sure of that truth (of course, I accept counter-arguments to this). The true Faith, whatever it is, is not something to be blindly defended, it is something to be shared with everyone. Which is why I give the suggestion that we change our view of things, especially about religious arguments. Any religious argument should not be a fight so as to see who is better or who has the better religion, it should be a friendly exchange of ideas. We should be open to the truth, and open to new ideas. This is not to say that we should tolerate absolutely anything or be allowed to be so easily swayed by others opinions. This is not so, because our logic is not perfect. It is good to be slightly inefficient in accepting other ideas so as to make sure that the ideas that truly get to you have been meticulously thought upon, argued, and concluded as being reasonable. I tell this to every person, religious or atheist, so that when we argue, we don’t do so pointlessly. If the goal of an argument is not to learn the truth, the only thing one achieves is getting a new enemy and wasting one’s time.
I also highly suggest that each of us first study our own beliefs before arguing about it to another person. I have heard of so many people who have converted out of a religion because of erroneous “facts” that he/she believed about that religion. One thing I also believe to be very important in philosophical arguments, is that one should not judge a religion simply by the quality of its people, but by the logicality of its teachings. One will find great and bad people in every religion; it should not be a big factor in finding the truth.
As someone having an INTP personality, I am a truth-seeker. Many people of other personalities may see my comment as being from a religious nut, and see it as spam. But I beg the admins to please not remove this. I can say that I am 18 years old and I believe in finding the truth. We should get rid of this taboo on philosophical arguments. People tend to say; "oh we can do whatever we want, philosophy and religion is just a hindrance". But it is quite apparent that our beliefs are key in shaping our lives. I think it is time to start thinking and arguing reasonably, yet peacefully, not as enemies fighting for their own cause, but as brothers sharing ideas.
Stomp on,

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Peaceful Philosophical Discussions for Truth-Seekers Empty Re: Peaceful Philosophical Discussions for Truth-Seekers

Post by crusadier on Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:57 pm

I'm roman-catholic and you speak the truth mate. I've studied theology for some time so I am well aware of the problems we have to deal with.
I once saw an interview where some crazy b... of a writer told that it's her ˝duty to hate the Catholic church˝
I'd say that the hate we get from other religions (or atheists for that matter) is partialy from the ignorance of some people, coupled with the fact that the Church usualy distances itself from some problematic questions or dictates morals that most Cahtholics fail to uphold...
then there's also the thing when they blame Catholics for the Crusades, the Inquisition, etc.

Another thing is the term ˝Christian˝. All Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians are Catholic (or Orthodox, or Lutheran) but most people don't even bother to learn the difference. So for example if some Christian group that has no apostolic succession goes protesting agains whatever most people will immidately blame the Pope - the head of the Catholic Church.

But I digress; Faith can guide you in your time of need and it can lift you up when you are broken (Philippians 4:13) , but in the end it's up to you how you will live your life. I've met good atheists and bad Catholics. I don't judge people by what they believe in, but how they live that.

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